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Games Disclaimer

Over the past 30 years, video games have come to us as large joystick laden cabinets at the local arcade, or as small set top boxes in our living rooms. These machines are basically simple computers dedicated to playing these games which are just software and code like any other application on a computer.

Today's computers are more powerful than all those older game systems of the 80s and 90s, and over the past 40 years, these games have been converted from those systems to computer files called "Roms" that can run on normal computers. The computing code to play these games has also been recreated as what is called an "Emulator". The Arcade units include a computer with all the emulators installed and ready to play. These emulators are open source and can be freely distributed as part of our package.

The game files, or Roms, are found freely on the internet but are still considered to be intellectual property of the software creators, and can therefore not be considered to be "included" as part of the arcade. We do not charge for the games, only for our cabinet and components. The games can be stored on a separate usb drive that we include at no price difference for convenience, however we do not license these games and their use is only to be used privately and not for commercial or paid use. Use of these games in public or commercial settings is purely at your own risk and we accept no liability to their use.