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How's the Quality?

Anyone who has been to an arcade knows the abuse the machines can take. We've kept this in mind as we designed our units to ensure that we can make an extremely durable arcade unit, able to withstand a decent amount of regular (ab)use. Our cabinets are constructed from a combination of 3/4 MDF, birch, and metal, as these are all materials used by real arcade machines. We do this mainly to give that solid arcade feel, but also to ensure that it can handle a decent amount of (ab)use and withstand the beat down that will inevitably occur when playing the arcade. 

We laminate all graphics on the control panel to protect the graphics from any abuse, sweat, scratches, etc, and the control panel itself is made from an extremely dense piece of wood as it receives the bulk of the action. The main front panel graphics are also laminated to protect the design. All graphics are made from high quality vinyl which is inherently a more durable material as opposed to paper. Sticky stuff can be easily wiped right off the side graphics with a damp sponge without worry that you will saturate or tear the pictures, and we use eco-solvent ink which is waterproof. We use 100% authentic arcade 8-way joysticks (Suzo Happ, Zippy, EuroStik, etc). At the core of the joystick is a solid steel rod and the entire assembly is held in place with multiple screws hidden underneath. We use the official threaded (American style) buttons which are tightened down with button nuts and made of virtually indestructible plastic.

We've had Dance Studios, Dental offices, and Church Groups buy multiple units each, all expecting high use from random users that pass through, each with a targeted age range of 5-85 yr olds. The 200lb wall mount ensures security on the wall even when heavily banged on from either excitement or frustration, and so far we've not heard of any issues. Our own units get a ton of play from neighborhood kids (and the occasional aggressive adult) and there are no signs of any loose or weakened parts. Graphics are still perfectly protected and all systems are go.

Even in the rare case that something disastrous were to happen, The units were designed to be modular and most parts can be replaced fairly easily. Replacing things like joysticks, buttons, the main computer, monitor, fixing wires, etc can all be easily accessed from the bottom or rear maintenance panel. All of this can be done without affecting the structural integrity of the main cabinet. Even the main control panel could be swapped out if necessary. We kept potential maintenance as a fore-thought in the design so that we could always be prepared.

We stand by our products and will certainly repair any damage that may arise from build defects on our part. We've made over 500 units now and have not had any issues. So long as you are not physically abusing the units with tools, it can certainly handle the heavy-handed player. Please see our Repair Guide for any issues or additional concerns.