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Q. How big is the arcade unit?

A: Dimensions: 34"H x 24"W x 15"D. Weight: ~45lbs

Q. What is the recommended wall mounting height?

A: This will depending on your target users. For average adults, we would recommend around 72" from the top of the unit to the floor. The wall mount is 5" down from the top panel so the mount would be mounted around 67" from the floor. This would put the control panel at about 42" from the floor and the bottom of the unit at around 39" from the floor. This gives enough height to be comfortable standing, or use bar-height stools (32") to sit and still have leg room. You may want to put a piece of painters tape on the wall to see where things feel comfortable for you.

Q. Where the does plug come out from and what's the best way to hide the cord?

Internally we use surge protector and hang the power cord through a hole in the bottom of the unit.  There is also a general purpose hole in the upper back of the unit that is there for various purposes like a place to hold, a way to make monitor swapping easier in case it ever goes bad, and you could technically use this to pass the power cord through the back into a recessed wall outlet.

Some ideas:

  • An outlet right below the bottom of the unit. The line of sight would hide this from view, but still allow easy access. See the wall height mounting tips above for measurements.
  • A recessed outlet that is half way below the unit, with just enough room to let the cord fit, but mostly hidden by the unit itself. This will leave the plug coming out the bottom but immediately going back and up into a half-exposed recessed outlet.
  • A recessed outlet behind the upper hole on the back of the unit. You'll likely want to use an extension cord here to give yourself additional slack when mounting/unmounting.  Open the bottom panel to push the included power plug inside of the unit, then run a 4ft extension cord through the back hole and connect it to the power strip. This way the only plug is coming out of the back of the unit and all the slack is hidden in the box.
  • Run the cord through the wall if you have a room behind that wall using a pass-through wall plate.
  • If you have an outlet directly below the unit at normal height from the floor, simply use a cord channel to dress it up

Q. How is the build quality

A: We strive to make a solid product and use many of the same parts used in commercial arcades. More info here.

Q. How many games can the unit play?

A: The system can potentially play thousands of games! The game files are called "roms" and we include a curated list of about 3800 games.  You can also add your own games in case we missed any of your favorites. Game roms are easily found online. To add new games, unscrew the bottom panel, take out the usb drive and place it into your computer. Inside the /roms/ folder, you can see the break down of each system. From here you can find games online and add them. When done, run the fastscraper.bat file (Windows only) and enter the folder name for the system you want to update. This should grab the screenshot and description details for any new games you added, assuming there is information available from the online database.

Q. What if something breaks? How do I repair?

A: While we certainly hope nothing goes wrong, we have designed the unit to allow for fairly easy customer maintenance. Most issues should be easily resolved following our repair guide. Replacement for all parts are readily available through our parts store, or from ebay, amazon, etc. Most parts are easy to install yourself using our guides.

Q. Do the LED buttons and Marquee lights turn off?

A: Yes, the unit comes with a remote control that controls the marquee light, buttons lights (if you purchase the LED Button option), and monitor so you can turn them off when not in use. 

Q. Does the computer have an on/off switch?

A: The computer we use has a lot of power to play all the games, but uses very little power when idle. It does not need a fan and therefore makes no noise. The power consumption is similar to a phone charger, and is actually powered by a simple micro usb plug like most phones. They are designed to just stay on, similar to a VCR or microwave clock. So there is no need for a power button. Technically, like with all computers, they aren't meant to be turned on and off unnecessarily as this wears down the reading/writing of the operating system disk. We do include a remote control for the lights as noted above, but the computer will remain on silently in the background, ready to go when you turn the lights back on. You can use the remote to turn the lights on and off as much as you like without hurting the computer system.

Q. Is the listing on Etsy any different than the one on this site?

A: No. It is the exact same unit. The listings might look a little different because of the limited options on the Etsy site. There are more options and variations available on our direct site.