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Adding Games

It is possible to add games to your unit but adding them is at your own risk and your mileage may vary with certain games.

The system supports a huge list of game systems but there are some things to keep in mind

  1. The computer we use is very capable of emulating dozens of older game consoles and arcade machines, but there are limits. Systems starting around N64 and Dreamcast is where our particular computer starts to hit its limits. Emulating systems newer than those systems take much more power because they are more dependent on hardware processing and emulating hardware with software is very intensive. So our computer can emulate up to around a PlayStation 1 and maybe some Dreamcast/N64 games but not much else. General consensus is basically anything before the year 2000
  2. Our control panel only has an 8-way digital joystick and 6 action buttons. So games with 4 buttons and 2 shoulders is the limit. Games that use L2/R2, L3/R3, or analog controls won't be able to use all the controls for that game. So be sure to check what controls a game uses before adding it. It is possible to add a bluetooth gamepad and switch to that gamepad when playing those games but that requires the main menu to be fully unlocked. Be careful leaving the menu unlocked around kids as they can change settings that may affect the system.
  3. Adding console games is somewhat straight forward. To add arcade games, you must use games that are from the MAME 0.78 romset. Search the internet to understand more on this.
  4. Some systems require additional configurations that can be very complex, others are simple and just need the game files copied over. This information is generally available on the internet. This is a great source of information:

To get started you'll first need to unlock the main menu to be in full admin mode. 

  1. From the main system select screen, press the “Reset/Menu” button.
  2. There should be an option for “Unlock UI Mode”, select that with the P1 start button
  3. When it says “Enter the Code to unlock the current UI mode” enter the following button presses: P1, P1, P1, Exit, P1
  4. If entered correctly you should see a message stating the UI mode is now unlocked
  5. If not entered correctly, it won’t do anything and you’ll have to try again. However, because you entered it wrong once already, the UI gets a little finicky and might require you to first choose “Restart EmulationStation” and then try again

Once you have unlocked the full admin menu, you will need to enable wifi and connect the unit to your home network

  1. From the main system select screen, press the “Reset/Menu” button.
  2. Select the "Network Settings" menu item with the P1 start button
  3. Select the "WIFI SSID" item and choose "INPUT MANUALLY" to use the onscreen keyboard to enter your home wifi router name
  4. After adding that, go back and select "WIFI KEY" and enter your wifi password
  5. Exit back out to the main menu and wait a little while. Then go back into the "Network Settings" menu and see if you have an IP address and internet status of "Connected"

Now that you are connected to the internet, you will be able to use your home computer to access the files on the arcade unit

    For Windows:

  1. Open any file manager window on your desktop and change the address bar to "\\EMUELEC" without the quotes
  2. If this works, you should see a list of folders like Assets, Bezels, Cheats, etc. This means you are looking at the files on the arcade
  3. If this doesn't work, be sure your computer is connected on the same network as your arcade unit. If you are on a different network you won't be able to communicate to the arcade unit.
  4. Now go into the "roms" folder by double clicking it
  5. You should now see a list of game systems. These are all the possible systems that can have games. 

Now you need to find some games to copy over. This is done with an internet search. For example to find segacd games you could search "segacd roms" and you will be presented with a variety of sites that offer the game file(s) for download. You may have to solve a captcha puzzle or wait a small delay and click through some ads to get to these games but generally you should have a fairly easy time finding the games. Some games need to be extracted from the "zip" file format but some games can stay zipped. Use the wiki link above to learn about what format each system requires.

After copying those games over to the folder, you can go back to the arcade unit and choose the Menu->Quit->Restart EmulationStation option. After it restarts, you should see the games added to the list of games

If you want to add game art and descriptions for the new games do the following:

  1. From the main system select screen, enter the system that you added games for
  2. From here press the “Reset/Menu” button
  3. Select the "Scraper" menu item with the P1 start button
  4. Scrape from either ScreenScraper or TheGamesDB as those have the best results
  5. Games to scrape for: choose "Games missing any media"
  6. Systems Included should already only have the system that you have currently selected
  7. Choose "Scrape Now" and in the top right corner it should show that is is working. Let it finish and when done you should have images and descriptions for the newly added games
  8. If you still don't see art, try restarting EmulationStation again
  9. If you still don't have art, try scraping again but use the other source from the one you last used (ScreenScraper or TheGamesDB)

Finally, it is recommended that you lock put the menu back into "Kiosk" mode to prevent others from accessing other menu items. 

  1. From the main system select screen, press the “Reset/Menu” button.
  2. Select the "System Settings" menu item with the P1 start button
  3. Select "UI Mode" and choose "Kiosk"
  4. Hit the Exit button to leave the menu and confirm that you want to proceed with the P1 button
  5. Now you are back into the locked down menu, safe for general public access.